"The biggest benefit Project Insight delivered to Abritas was the ability to have a complete picture of the actual project costs incurred to date and the expected forecasted profit at project completion"

- Program Manager

Main Challenges

Formerly known as Abritas, Civica’s expansion and growth created the need to more closely manage project budgets, resources and the performance of the growing number of client implementation projects running concurrently.

  • Replace Microsoft Project Desktop
  • Manage projects budgets, resources and performance more closely
  • Offer greater project task visibility for overruns to ensure swift action
Why PI®

Civica identified several key criteria that a potential solution would need to address the major challenges faced by both project managers and the management team:

  • Program planning to determine project costs and profit estimates
  • Project planning that provides regular updates and status reports
  • Project financial performance reporting to monitor each project's current and forecasted profit based on real-time status and costs incurred
  • Program performance reporting that provides overall profit monitoring across all projects and specific alerts relating to major cost overruns
  • Project documentation to ensure quality checks are completed at critical points in the project custom forms and fields to manage product enhancement requests and plan future system releases based on priority enhancements

PI was able to organize all Civica's client implementation projects and migrate them into the project management software. This led to benefits including a real time picture of project performance, greater accuracy in assessing performance, and greater efficiency in compiling information of the project

  • Centralized, web-based project management
  • Provides a simple way to track time and status for both internal and external team members
  • Enables effective resource allocation
  • Delivers useful reports
  • Real-time financials making it possible to capitalize and expense project costs

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