Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

"Because we now see the bigger picture, we don't have to worry whether a specific project was updated. We are able to target our follow up to issues and those tasks that are actually running late."

- IT Project Manager

Main Challenges

Children's Hospital & Medical Center's IT department consists of some 60 IT personnel who are responsible for keeping the hospital's technology up to date, whether it's installing new equipment, updating software, or troubleshooting day-to-day questions from clinical and business colleagues. The team embraces the mission statement, “So that all children have a better chance to live."

  • Lacked visibility to manage all IT projects throughout organization
  • Lacked interactivity - IT staff had limited access to current project tasks and timelines
  • No effective way to manage resource workloads for project planning
Why PI®

Project managers wanted increased interactivity so everyone in the department has access to the same information. They wanted the ability to manage projects at a higher level. And, they wanted the capability of handling more projects without hiring additional staff.

  • Gave project managers more time to manage projects instead of tracking down updates
  • Generates executive level reporting of all projects
  • Provides IT staff with interactive so they can see the project schedule, tasks they own and interdependenciies in real time

PI allowed Children's Hospital & Meidcal Center to develop the interactivity project managers desired. Managers were able to prioritize tasks, better allocate resources and gain tighter control over the entire process.

  • Project team empowered to update their own statuses
  • Reports produced for leadership help them to better understand the projects their team own
  • Eliminates meetings that were primarily designed to get updates on a task status

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