Project Insight for Microsoft Project

Whether you’re ready to make the switch from MSP or would still like to utilize the tool in conjunction with PI® to improve overall visibility, we have the perfect solution for you. Our out-of-the-box Microsoft Project integration enables you to continue to use MSP while leveraging the key benefits of an enterprise project management system, making it easy to import and export Microsoft projects, schedules, files and more!

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Integration Features

Easy Connection
Developing easy & fexible integrations is our goal. The PI Microsoft Connector is no exception. As a system admin, you can connect these two systems yourself without the help or hassle of your IT team.

Files & More
PI imports as much information from the MSP file that maps to similar functionality in PI. Import and export durations, work hours, assignments, percent allocations and more!

Project Visibility
Maintain project history, communication and visibility by uploading and sharing project related files and Word documents. This allows you to review, edit, update and approve files in one place.
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