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Tracking CapEx/OpEx
Budgets in Your Project

Project Insight's CapEx/OpEx Feature is designed to complement our existing financial tools. Whether you're tracking budgeted amounts, forecasted expenses, or earned value, this add-on enhances your financial oversight without disrupting your current workflows. It's the perfect addition to your project management arsenal, providing a holistic view of your project's finances.
  • Broad Budget Views: Visualize CapEx and OpEx budgets across all projects with comprehensive reporting.
  • Automated Expense Amortization: Automatically allocate expenses to the appropriate months in your project plan and get out of manual spreadsheet budgeting.
  • Budget vs Actual Analysis: Compare planned budgets against actual expenditures to ensure financial accuracy and accountability.
  • Consolidated functionality: Manage and track project finances effortlessly alongside other key project management elements, all within one software tool.
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