Slack Integration

Keep project communication centralized. When someone assigns you a project, capture thos actionable items in Project Insight.
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Slack Integration

Collaborate Effortlessly

Make messages actionable.

Project communication often takes place in Slack and other messaging apps. Don't lose sight of those conversations. Bring directives to your projects. Streamline collaboration and improve adoption when teams can work from any tool.
  • Make comments
  • Update project status
  • Track issues on projects or tasks
  • Assign issues to a team member. Track and update all in Slack!
Project Insight Slack Integration
Project Insight Slack Integration


Stay informed about important updates.

Project communication comes from many channels. Keep on top of the details and access projects from the tools you are using. The integration with Teams let you stay on top of work.
  • Receive important task notifications
  • Get reminders on any scheduled reports assigned to you or others.
  • Slack Bot can send assignment summaries at the end of each day

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