Salesforce Integration

Share valuable Salesforce information with your project team. Let your sales and business development teams continue in Salesforce while your project teams work in Project Insight.
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Salesforce Integration
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Quickly connect sales information to project work.

Let your sales team continue with Salesforce or their preferred CRM tool. When they win a new deal or start a sales order, you can bring the new proposal into Project Insight and link it to your Salesforce clients. Assign reviewers and make a work order. Then manage your work in Project Insight.
Project Insight Integrations
Project Insight Integrations


Automatically create projects and tasks from opportunities.

  • Quickly manage budgets and assign resources
  • Sets rates and expense codes
  • Establish start and end dates
  • Spend less time with manual entry and explaining deals to your work teams
  • See project comments, statuses, and issues in both systems to maximize sales communication


Connect project work to billing and invoicing tools.

Create invoice records directly from project work. Unify your CRM, project management, and invoicing tools.
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More Work
The sales and business development team can create new projects directly from SFDC that will pass directly to the project team for better forecasting and planning.
Improve efficiency. Eliminate duplicate data entry and the errors associated with it by passing account or customer information from SFDC over to Project Insight.
Allow teams to stay in the tools they prefer. Comments added in Salesforce will be posted to projects in Project Insight for seamless communication.