• Easily view all projects and notifications
  • Provide simple task lists for team members
  • Update task status & mark tasks complete
  • Add comments & approvals
  • Upload photos & files
  • Capture signatures
  • Create custom fields and forms
  • Automatically capture expenses from receipts
  • Submit and approve expenses
  • Create time entries & submit, review, & approve time
Project Insight Mobile App Work List
  • Simple Task List for Team Members
  • Easily View all Projects on Mobile
  • View All Notifications
  • Update Task Status
  • Add Comments to Tasks
  • Attach Photos or Files to Tasks
  • Create New Projects & Tasks on Mobile
Update Task Status from Project Insight Mobile
Upload Expensible Receipts Automatically
  • Upload Expensible Receipts
  • Receipt Amounts Recognized Automatically
  • Submit Expense Reports for Approval
  • Create Time Entries from the PI Mobile App
  • Submit Time Sheets from the PI Mobile App
  • Approve Time Sheets from the PI Mobile App
  • Review Previously Submitted Time Sheets from the PI Mobile App
Time Tracking on Project Insight Mobile

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