Budgeting & Costing

Manage your projects to their planned target budgets at the top level and compare them to actuals in real time. Track labor, non-labor costs, and expenses in real time at the task, phase, project, and portfolio level. Even if your organization does not charge for projects, learn from history so you can create better estimates in the future.

Planned vs. Actual Report
  • View a quick summary of project budgets
  • Know at a glance if the project is on time and within budget
  • Track project costs in labor hours, non labor costs, or expenses
  • Capture proposed and billable charges on client facing projects
Earned Value vs. Planned Value
Report on planned value (PV) and earned value (EV).
Budget vs. Actual Bar Chart
Keep track of project estimates versus actual costs in real-time.
Report Options
Report at the portfolio level and roll up by organization, department, sponsor and more.

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