Irvine, CA, July 12, 2017 – Project Insight (, project and portfolio management software formally issued a statement today from its CEO and Co-Founder, Steve West, on the new artificial intelligence ("AI") team joining Project Insight (PI®).

“We have put together a team of innovative minds to expand our vision. Project Insight is more than project management software: it’s a social experience, a work culture, and we believe every team and organization should have the latest and greatest technology at their fingertips. We want to provide this experience for our customers and offer them the latest tools and assets to succeed in their occupational work,” stated Steve West.

With technology moving toward artificial intelligence, software applications and platforms are creating new opportunities for business efficiencies. Project Insight is the first project management company to build a patent-pending "project concierge" - known as a VirtualPM™ - to facilitate interactions between project managers and resources. Leveraging popular teaming solutions, such as Slack, PI injects intelligent characters into teaming solutions to help project managers track, praise, record, and do a lot of the busy-work project managers do on a daily basis. This leaves more time for analysis and insight-generation for stakeholders so that projects remain on-time and on-budget.

In stark contrast to many "bots" that exist for teaming solutions, each VirtualPM™ is part of a dynamic team of project managers who have personalities. PI's initial group of eight - known as "PI Office" - range from professional to demure, snarky to affirming. They interact with resources the way a regular project manager might act showing emotions and asking for feedback. Users are able to choose their own VirtualPM that best suits their personality and communication style. Over time, many new teams and characters will be introduced making work interesting and engaging.

Project Management as you know it is dead. A new era of Project Management is here.

Check out this exclusive interview between CEO, Steve West, and Angela PM.

Online 7/12/2017
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