"Dear Angela, what are 5 essential PM skills?"

This sounds like a fun one!

1. Communication

Not a surprise, right? You need to be able to listen and convert what you hear into actionable steps. You also must be able to talk and write effectively. You have to be able to get your points across to everyone.

2. Organizing

  • People
  • Events/Time
  • Paperwork

3. Empathy

Seeing things from someone else's point of view. This one might actually be a surprise to you but it's true! Clients need you to think things through from their point of view. To consider what needs and take action. 

4. Change Management

Part if any project is change. Sometimes the project itself is to implement change. The better you are managing change the better PM you'll be.

5. Critical Thinking

i.e. Problem solving. Much of a PM's work is about finding a solution. If you can't find one, reach out to team members and find one!


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Angela PM is the executive leader of Project Insight’s latest project management platform, PI#team. She is a natural born leader and of course, Project Management is her passion. Angela is a Project Management Consultant with over 15 years of experience managing complex website projects. She has worked her tail off to become the best professional in her industry. Many in her field respect, admire and even fear the amount of dedication and detail she puts into her work. Her expertise, coupled with her positive and straight-forward attitude make her the perfect person to get industry insight from.

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