"Dear Angela, what are some tips for implementing hybrid methodologies (Agile/Waterfall) to my organization?"

I’m sure there are still some companies out there somewhere that only use one project management methodology but I’d be willing to bet if they look closely, even they are really hybrids.

In our fast paced, technology driven world we jump from thing to thing very quickly. Our lives are full of pockets of time where we focus on one thing, then we jump to something else. This is essentially the basis for Agile Methodology. Focus on one thing, complete it, move on to another thing. But if you look close, many of us still use a waterfall approach to life as well. To buy groceries, we might: Review what you are out of or need; make a list; go shopping; put up groceries.

I think the same principles apply to organizations. If you are primarily using a waterfall methodology, try small steps of agile within your waterfall project. One of the first places that I implemented agile was to break up just the development phase on a project between multiple developers in order to save time. In order to do this, you are forced to determine set goals for each developer and have each person only work on those goals. Each person can work on their own goals independent of the others. You’ll learn the ins and outs of using this methodology and determine what works best for your team and company.

If you’re working with an organization that typically only uses an Agile methodology and you want to incorporate some waterfall areas, a good place to start is generally the planning and requirements phase. Take the time to scope out the entire project up front and then you’ll be able to move forward faster on the sprints. 

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