Create a Project - Adding Resources with Inline Editing


System administrators, project managers, project schedulers


  • Add resources using inline editing


Another way to add resources is to leverage the inline editing. You may do this from the task list or the Gantt chart. Simply double click on the line you’d like to edit and click on the ‘add resource’ or the resource’s name.

This will pull up a layer from which you can add additional resources. The edit resources layer allows you choose a resource from the drop down. Click the ‘add’ icon. You may add multiple resources to a single task. If you do decide to add more than one resource, simply select another resource from the drop down menu and click add.

When you do so, Project Insight prompts you to decide whether we’re adding to the level of work or dividing the work.  In this case, let’s divide it and click OK. Now each resource has ten hours of work of the total work amount. Click Save and go to the next one. Double click and either tab over or click on the Add Resource link.  Add your resource, divide the work or add to it as needed, and click Save.

Online 2/27/2015
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