"Dear Angela, how can I secure a PM role when transitioning careers?"

The way to do this is to demonstrate that you've been using project management in your daily life and previous jobs. Even though your title wasn't PM, you probably did things that PMs do. Pull out those similarities and present yourself in as transitionary.

When looking back at the post about the 5 essential skills of a PM, the skills aren't unique. Are you already doing these?

1. Communication - Billed as the #1 skill, don't you already communicate with others? Highlight in your resume specific tasks or events that required you to excel at communication.

2. Organization - Is your desk organized? How about your closet? And your daily life? Chances are you answered yes. If not, being a PM might be a struggle for you. Teams depend on your ability to keep things organized for them.

3. Empathy - Find similarity to your current role. Are you a teacher? You have to empathize with kids to understand behavior and actions. Are you a waitress? You need to consider when to approach customers for service. Can you anticipate when they need you?

4. Change Management  - This one should be easy. You are already in the process of managing your change to a PM. Think through how you're doing that and find a way to work that into your resume.

5. Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving - I know that if you want to be a PM you must think you can do this one, hands down. People who get into project management are very often the best problem solvers. Take this challenge of transitioning to a PM, you're already working on solving it!


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