PM in Theory - Managing Multiple Projects


Project managers and PMPs


We've all heard that setting priorities in our personal lives is key to achieving our goals. Some of us hire personal coaches to get our lives in order, but when it comes to what we do within the office, all that planning goes out the window. Organizations today are running at a much faster pace than ever before. We have technology glued to us at all times so that we can quickly respond to things. But should we really?

This month we will talk about the benefits of prioritizing our days both at home and at work. We understand that you don't always have control over the priorities that may be set for you in the office, but we will discuss some strategies and approaches to gaining clarity of purpose when your supervisor says something is urgent or if you are feeling like you have too many projects on your plate.


  • Learn how to prioritize both at home and work
  • Identify key strategies to gain clarity
  • Plan your projects accordingly
  • Submit your scenarios to discuss next session


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Online 11/8/2017
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