Control Devices LLC

"The biggest benefit of Project Insight is the visibility. With Project Insight, we now have the data and ability to rank projects, manage our resources and better prioritize."

- Senior Project Manager

Main Challenges

As Control Devices continued to grow, managing projects in Excel became too much of a challenge. Having over 32 projects across large teams it was a hard task without a project and portfolio management tool in place. They wanted a project management solution that was collaborative, user friendly, and easy to adopt.

  • Lack of project visibility
  • Scattered project data
  • Overworked resources
  • Endless manual work
Why PI®

PI had exactly what Control Devices were looking for in a project management solution. Control Devices were pleased with the interface and how clean and easy it was to navigate through it. There also were certain requirements that Control Devices were looking for including:

  • Usability
  • Flexibility
  • Project templates
  • Resource management
  • Budgeting and costing
  • Reporting

Control Devices was able to prioritize their projects accordingly considering workloads, resources, budget and cost. They also noted specific benefits from their own perspective including:

  • Visibility – From top level funnel projects drilled down to projects being finished within the quarter
  • Communication & Collaboration – The culture change helped them improve team collaboration and reduce number of meetings
  • Benefit to Realization – Helped them identify areas of improvement

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