Time & Expense

This first snippet is a quick example of how to create a new time or expense entry object with the most minimal requirements.


// create a new model
ProjectInsight.Models.TimeAndExpense.TimeEntry te = new Models.TimeAndExpense.TimeEntry();

Guid taskId = Guid.Parse("b2a0ce56-e96a-411f-a171-7e14f5bdf3f4");

te.User_Id = this.CurrentUser.Id;
te.ActualHours = 80;
te.Date = DateTime.Now;
te.Description = "My Time Entry Test";
te.Task_Id = taskId;

ApiSaveResponse savedTimeEntryApiResponse = this.client.TimeEntry.Save(te);

This snippet is intended for users who'd like to create a new time entry record on a specific task.

Online 5/4/2017