This first snippet is a quick example of how to create a new Task object with the most minimal required and an optional property (ExpenseCodeExpenseEntryDefault_Id), so that the task will load with a pre-selected Time Code.


ProjectInsight.Models.Tasks.Task task = new Models.Tasks.Task();

task.Name = "Hello World";
task.ItemContainer_Id = Guid.Parse("7092cb10-aa90-41a1-87cc-ac1687036a07");
task.ExpenseCodeExpenseEntryDefault_Id = Guid.Parse("dcb55689-c175-4470-a3d4-7c643f000769"); //optional to set

//Save and return a response
ProjectInsight.Models.Base.Responses.ApiSaveResponse saveTaskResp = new ProjectInsight.Models.Base.Responses.ApiSaveResponse();
saveTaskResp = client.Task.Save(task);

Online 11/27/2017